The NEW Mid-Life Crisis

I made the decision to change my life a few weeks ago. But today I think is the day I should consider Day 1.

We do that, right? Talk ourselves into the “I’m going to start on Monday!” Or whatever it is we say and then…??

This is the blog where I am capturing the physical changes. But when I say I am “changing my life”, I truly mean that the only things NOT changing in my life are my husband, kids, family, and friends. I am wicked blessed to have ZERO toxicity in these areas, seriously….But everything else is Bu-Bye. It’s so drastic y’all I am pretty sure we can call this my Mid-Life Crisis….

I ripped the bandaid off today and hiked a mountain this morning. A very steep one. I could only go half way up – which was 1.5 miles up. I sat on a bench at the point I realized I could not go further…and cried. It was sobering. But I had to remind myself that I have not exercised a single time in months and months. Truly it was a really looooong self-talk with myself to celebrate the accomplishment of the fact that I got out and did any distance today at all. Go me!

Lord the mile and a half back down was pure trembling jelly legs too. I had to stop several times because I was certain people passing me could see the fact my legs were barely carrying me down…

Day 1 down. Bam.